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About me

full Name-kashi gauli

my inspiration-my mind which thinks always whatever is possible

first thing you see in my face:my sensativaty,seriousness and never ending happy smilies

peculiarity about me:i do have such thinking of granary which contains the unlimited wishes and possibilities

birth date:july 16th

hobby:to visit this universe and to feel everything from my heart

passion:i do have the passion of love to every creature and this beautiful nature....so lets give the life to every creature..conclusively..my deep passion on peace and safe of life

education: ..if you like to know i am bachelor runner in media engineering...but in my opinion thats not my education.i do have some knowledge of life still trying to get the details of everything through the bottom of my heart...i don't belive in formal education..what do u think about this?

life:It is the great oppurtinity given by creator to see this beautiful world and to have a good,happy and peaceful life.

love: it is necessary to all..without love, difficulties may arise and seems the life of every creature to be incomplete.

i cannot live without:books ,love,beautiness,nature,romance and surely my heart toucher.
time:be the real follower of time and be exact for whatever in time...donot say more than a second or less than a second so follow the real time of casio,seiko,rado,swiss etcs..and grab it today,now.

the things i donot like to leave:a lovely diary a pen and a novel.

parents:they are really great..what can i say more than this?

happiness:if your heart goes through the normal beat then you generally feel to be happy..isn't it?

sorrows:when your heart tears then sorrows ...

My favourites-------

Music:classical ,soft and heart touching

Band: Linkin Park, AR Rahman

actress/Actor: Amir kahn,SRK,Angelina jollie,peter parker

Food: i like the vegetarian foods only...because i am vegetarian

Drink: i donot have a real taste yet

Games: football,horse racing.

Books: i love every type of books in this world

novels:i like every type novels.

Movies: Matrix, Pirates of the Cribbean,veer jara, Final Destination 2,3...and too many..

Activities: to be always happy.

Webpages: Google.com, lyrics.com,novels.com etcs.

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